Trading Closets Philosophy Statement

An upscale consignment experience

Our goal is to provide high quality brand clothing and accessories at reasonable and affordable prices. 

As women, we realize that many previously owned items of clothing and/or accessories have not been worn at all, or could be considered gently used. We truly value our customers, as well as the Greendale Village and surrounding communities.

The name, Trading Closets, was chosen to allow our Customers (or partners in fashion) an opportunity to become a Consignor. 

Anyone interested in consigning, must physically come to the store to pick up a guideline sheet.  We have found it helpful and mutually beneficial when a customer is familiar with the store, and understands our guidelines prior to making an appointment. 

We tried several approaches in the past that did not work as well, for a variety of reasons.  As an example, we are not resale – we are consignment; and have found that this may not work for everyone.   We are specific with regards to how long we consign items, our percentage split, the brands we accept, and the condition the items must be in.  

We enjoy getting to know the people we do business with; and credit many of our Consignors for spreading the word and introducing new loyal customers here! We also carry new jewelry and accessories that can be considered gift items. It is always a treasure hunt; and we never can predict what we will be receiving!  

There is something for everyone.  We hope everyone has a good experience while shopping at Trading Closets.